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Ring Neighborhood Library


Celebrating 50 Years of Service


Remembering The Shamrock Hotel


"Let us consecrate The Shamrock to friendship--the motto of the State of Texas." -- Glenn McCarthy

Julia Ideson


Honoring Houston's First Librarian

Houston Public Library, 1904 - 2014. 110 years


The Gregory School through the years


From elementary school to archives and research library


Highlights from the Mexican American Family and Photograph Collection


Featuring photographs from Texas Cultures Online at the Portal to Texas History


Documenting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and
the Civil Rights Movement


Explore Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy through resources from The African American Library at the Gregory School.



Remembering Six Flags AstroWorld


United We Stand


A History of the Early Days of the LGBT Houston Community

Fine Tuning: Celebrating 100 years of the Houston Symphony


A history from 1913 to the present


Sheet Music from the Houston Public Library

Notable examples from the early 20th century

When Camelot Came To Houston

John J. Herrera (LULAC president, 1952-53) and
JFK’s stop in Houston on November 21, 1963.




The Houston Astrodome

Completed in 1964 and opened on April 9, 1965, the Astrodome was the world’s first air-conditioned, domed stadium.

Celebrating the Life of Felix Tijerina

Felix Tijerina (1905-1965) Mexican-American visionary, civil rights activist and entrepreneur.


Celebrating the Life of John J. Herrera


Attorney, community leader, and civil rights advocate


Celebrating the Life of C. F. Richardson, Sr.

Clifton F. Richardson, Sr. , (1892-1939), a prolific journalist and founder of the Houston Informer and the Houston Defender newspapers.


Rogues, Rascals and Role Models

A Who's Who of the Famous and Infamous Men of the Bayou City.